Saturday, June 06, 2009

Retro Saturday: Pop Will Eat Itself

Most of the time when I do Retro Saturday it's just completely random, based on some songs which pop into my head on a Saturday night....this week however is a little bit more 'planned' dare I say, as all the songs 'came to me in a vision' you might say, over the past week, usually at the strangest times e.g. when I'm walking home from work and I think....hmmmm that's a good one for Retro Saturday if I haven't used it already...

So here's another one from the early 90s which is turning out to be a very underrated musical time I guess. Pop Will Eat Itself was one of those bands which maybe suffered from a little too much media hype at the time, but even though I wasn't such a big fan I did like "X Y and Zee" so that's a good enough reason to feature it here tonight.

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