Monday, June 08, 2009

This week's playlist: visualise like it's '75 again

We Are The People - Empire of the Sun: I'm extremely delighted that this is now in the UK top 20 singles chart - some quality at last!!

Release Me - Agnes: talking of which, here's another song I like in the UK chart. It has really grown on me.

Bluest Eyes - Salem: "Astronaut" is still a consistent fixture in my home and on my iPod. This may be one of the lesser-known tracks, but it has a lot of depth and every time you listen to it you hear something new.

Sensitized - Christophe Willem and Kylie Minogue: I wasn't familiar with this track previously (it was on a Kylie album), although I was familiar with the "Bonnie and Clyde" sample. I'm working my way through Christophe's album at the moment and will eventually review it here someday!

We Don't Wanna Put In - Stefane & 3G: Disco-tastic and disqualified Georgian ESC entry. Still sounds great.

Hurtful - Erik Hassle: is it true that his album release has been delayed till August in Sweden? It's one of my most eagerly awaited albums of the year, if it's anywhere near as good as this song.

Nature's Law - Embrace: Something old (ish) which I put on my iPod and played a lot this week.

Take On Me - A-ha: for reasons only that we've been loving that Weebl and Bob "Paper" cartoon :)

Fire - Kasabian: New album out today - I must check it out.

Ayo Technology - Milow: Still a favourite, although I may now give it a rest for a while.

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