Sunday, June 21, 2009

This week's playlist: I sing now for all of you

Hold On - Lazee featuring Neverstore: I know I wasn't too kind to this band on this blog in the past, but with this song I take it all back. A fine fusion of rap, dance and indie/guitar style and the end result is quite mesmerising. Bring on the Swedish Invasion!

Untouched - The Veronicas: there's something quite addictive about this song - a UK top 10 hit in recent weeks although I've never heard it once on the radio. Girlie pop-rock it may be, but it has an edge and urgency about it which Kelly Clarkson & co. just don't have.

Fire - Kasabian: I still like this, and will need to get round to hearing that album in full!

Touch You Right Now - Basic Element: music to dance around the room to.

Skylark - Körsbär/Karlsson: unreleased but streaming over at their MySpace ( this is an absolute treat. Jeppe has just the most beautiful voice and he sings like an angel.

Click/New In Town - Little Boots: I wanted to file her away in the hype-over-talent section but I've been pleasantly surprised by her poptastic debut album - review to follow here soon.

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