Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer in blog-land....

...so as Cliff Richard might have sung "no more blogging for a week or two". I've decided to take a little bit of time-out from doing this blog for a couple of weeks (unless there are some exciting, urgent updates about stuff which I need to write about).

For once I'm not going away, but I just need a bit of time to do some stuff at home and there's also a massive pile of CDs to listen to and DVDs and TV shows/films which I've taped off the telly, which I'm going to make an effort to catch up on, as staying in would appear to be the new going out as we're due a spell of horrible weather over the next few days. Unless we do get some good weather, in which case I'll be out and about!

I had planned the blog's "big relaunch" for when I returned from Dusseldorf but that never really happened, so I'm trying another relaunch date of Monday 22 June when this blog will be back with a few reviews and articles which I'll be working on during the blog-break.

I'll still be visiting all my blogging-friends and reading all your comments and emails though, you don't get rid of me that easily!! :))

See you on the 22nd!

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