Monday, May 05, 2008

Album Review: "Ett Hjärta Som Glöder Som En Gång Brann" - Brolle

At this moment in time, Brolle’s profile couldn’t be any higher in his native Sweden. He’s reached the final of "Körslaget" (not without some controversy along the way), and he’s all loved up with fellow Swedish pop star Elin Lanto. He’s even shortened his name - he’s no longer known as Brolle Jr.

A perfect time then to release his comeback album - which is his third (am I right?) and his first in his native language.

The first single "Solo I Stockholm" kicks the album off and has the same ‘dramatic’ feel as his earlier hits.

It always strikes me that Brolle is a singer out of he neither looks nor sounds like anyone else around today. And aren’t we glad. He is a unique performer.

Brolle’s main musical influence is of course Elvis Presley, but the chorus of "Varldens Horn" recalls another singer from that era - Roy Orbison.

There is nothing on here which comes close to dethroning "Playing With Fire" and "Last Night" as my fave Brolle tracks, but having said that there are some good tracks in there - especially "Det Är Hon" which is an obvious future single choice and jumps out as one of the album’s most accessible tracks.

"Tillsammans" is for me another possible single. "Faller Du" (not the Patrik Isaksson song) is another good track and "Vaken Igen" is a particularly nice ballad.

I am impressed that, just like his countryman Martin Stenmarck, Brolle is finally recording in his native language, with good results. Hopefully this album will finally bring him the success he deserves.

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