Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jodie! Jodie! Jodie!

So after what feels like an interminable search, the role of Nancy in the latest West End production of "Oliver!" has finally been cast, thanks to BBC-1's "I'd Do Anything". We were quite happy with the final two - Jodie and Jessie - so we weren't too bothered about who would win.

I'm not taking anything away from Jessie as a) she was too young for this part but she will get something out of it; and b) us redheads have to stick together; - but based on our memories of "Oliver!", Nancy was a mature, raw, rough and ready character and IMHO Jodie was so obvious for this role. Despite producer Cameron Mackintosh and "the Lord" Andrew Lloyd-Webber clearly expressing a preference for Jessie prior to the announcement of the final vote, it was Jodie who got the most viewers' votes and won the role of Nancy.

So ALW and CM are apparently none too pleased with the outcome. Well, lads, get over yourselves. The BBC has given you several weeks of free publicity for a show that will inevitably sell tickets regardless of who was chosen as Nancy, or Oliver for that matter. We liked Jessie - a lot - but she is too young for this particular part. If "Any Dream Will Do" taught us anything it was that prime-time Saturday night TV provides an amazing launchpad for theatrical careers and so Jessie will get her day on the big stage, whether as Nancy understudy/replacement or in another (maybe more) illustrious show. In the meantime ...congratulations to Jodie, I'm sure she will do very well. I'm just glad it wasn't Samantha, who left me cold throughout the bits of the series that I watched, and even at the final stages I still wasn't impressed. good was it seeing Lee Mead and his coat of many colours again tonight???? Lucky old Denise Van Outen!!!

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