Saturday, May 10, 2008

This week's playlist: you left us all too soon

Black Sun, Black Moon (live) - Salem Al Fakir: now, you didn't expect this one, did you...only kidding! A moving ballad with considerable emotional depth. Expect this one on the playlist for the next few weeks at least...
Black and Gold/21st Century Life - Sam Sparro: the current single and the next single from this year's major musical discovery. Album review to follow very soon.
Love Song - Sara Bareilles: remember Daniel Powter's "Bad Day"? This might well be a female version of that, and might just run and run.
Je Realise - Sinik featuring James Blunt: the impossible can happen:Blunt making this playlist. Decent French rap.
Cry for You - September: UK top 10 chart success, no sweat.
Phorever People - The Shamen: I've had a bit of a Shamen revival since a recent Retro Saturday. And why not.
Disappear - No Angels: ooh....two weeks to Eurovision, and I've decided that this is one of my favourites this year.
We Cry - The Script: Sometimes I like this song, sometimes it annoys me. At the moment I like it. I think.
The Age of the Understatement - The Last Shadow Puppets: it's a playlist of surprises this week. Firstly James Blunt, now Alex Turner. You know I can't stomach the Arctic Monkeys, but this retro-flavoured track is rather great.
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz: oh hurry up Britain and make this a hit!
Outta My Head - Ashlee Simpson: I'm not really a fan of hers but I do like this, very catchy, and has eaten its way into my brain.
Dangerous - M Pokora: Another regular fixture of late, and a production from Timbaland - the man who can do no wrong at the minute.
Maybe - Brainstorm: catching up with their back catalogue in preparation for my Riga trip. There is also a nice cover of this by Skamp on YouTube too...

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