Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let the Eurovision-Fence-Sitting-Contest begin!!

For us Librans, "Making Your Mind Up" is not the easiest of tasks.

So do not be surprised that I have not arrived at a winner for tonight's Eurovision final. Instead, I'm predicting that it will be any one of the six on this list:

Iceland (please please please)
Sweden (Charlotte needs to do better than her semi-final performance)
Denmark (if he performs as well as in the semi final, this is dangerous)
Ukraine (professional performance in the semi-final, will do very well)
Russia (foregone conclusion by law of averages, ruined by ludicrous stage act)
Norway (I've always had a feeling about this one: possible best result in years?)

May the best song win, as long as it's "This Is My Life"...

Good luck to Andy Abraham for the UK, he's a good singer but the song is quite weak and (IMHO) wouldn't really appeal to a Eurovision audience. Royaume-Uni has also taken up annual residence near the foot of the scoreboard, so I wouldn't really expect that to change.

I'll be back later tonight with some ramblings. I've got the wine and the Twiglets ready!!

In the meantime, enjoy Eurovision night everyone and may the best song win (although it usually doesn't)!!!

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