Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Amanda-mania sweeps Sweden.

The critics love, love, love it, and so (presumably) will the Swedish public. I refer to "Killing My Darlings", the debut album by Swedish Idol runner-up Amanda Jenssen, which was released today. With some of the hottest, hippest Swedish songwriters on board, and her refusal to stick to the accepted Idol-format-debut-album of cover versions and power ballads (yes I mean YOU, Marie Picasso), Amanda is one of the most original and unusual contestants ever to have emerged from that competition. You will recall that I certainly wasn't a fan of hers during the series towards the end of 2007, and couldn't understand what all the fuss was about until the final, when I realised that Amanda had tons of personality and her own distinct style. Going by the short clips I've heard at, she's produced a quality debut album and is yet further proof that it's better if you don't win Idol.

Talking of ex-Idol contestants, Christoffer Hiding has some songs on his MySpace ( which are clearly influenced by soul music old and new. "Marathon" is particularly good. He has a great voice and deserves lots of success too!

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