Friday, May 30, 2008

This week's playlist: what will be will be

This Is My Life - Euroband: this blog's undisputed favourite Eurovision finals entry of 2008. They were robbed.
Divine - Sebastien Tellier: too good for Eurovision?
Outta My Head - Ashlee Simpson: why isn't this a bigger hit? So catchy.
She's Dangerous - M Pokora: one of the biggest songs on the radio during my Riga holiday - and it looks as if it'll be a big international hit.
If Only You - Danny and Therese: heard this a few times over in Riga too.
Rockin' for Myself - Motiv-8: cracking old dance tune from 1994 or thereabouts which I've rediscovered and can't stop playing.
Who Do You Think You're Foolin'? - Rongedal: follow-up to "Just A Minute". I'll be reviewing their album soon - it's full of ridiculously catchy tunes!
Jennie Let Me Love You - E.M.D.: didn't really like this to begin with, but Rix FM has played it so much that I've been knocked into submission.
Daylight - Kelly Rowland: Easy-going pop-soul number which has grown on me over recent weeks.
Maybe/Thunder Without Rain/Day Before Tomorrow - Brainstorm: I'm still familiarising myself with Prata Vetra's new Latvian-language album - but I'm still loving these classic old English-language songs from them.
21st Century Life/Hot Mess - Sam Sparro: two of the best tracks from his debut album.
Always Always - Zuma: this just gets better and better. It may not have had the ESC impact of "Hold On Be Strong" but presses the right buttons for an old new-romantic fan like me.

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