Monday, May 05, 2008

Mathieu Johann's finally released an album!

"Le Bonheur, Ça Fait Mal" is its name, it was released in February 2008, and from listening to clips of the tracks it’s a fairly decent collection of guitar-rock-pop tracks with a mixture of modern and classic French influences.

Mathieu was of course a finalist in Star Academy 4, (back in 2004) and was a notorious object of this blogger’s desire back then, and I guess he still is. Prior to going into the chateau he had recorded an album which was then shelved and never released, although at that time there were clips of the songs on the internet and they sounded rather good - correct me if I’m wrong, but only "La Plus Belle Fille du Monde" has survived that period and made it onto this album.

All in all from what I’ve heard, it’s a good debut, although far from outstanding. I’m still deciding whether or not to buy it at a later date.

Nevertheless, it is very good to have him back.

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