Thursday, July 03, 2008

Allsång på Skansen: week 2 - 01.07.08

Week 2 of this year's singalong. If the young female quota in the audience had drastically risen this week then there was a very good reason for this....E.M.D. !!

Yes, Sweden's hottest new boy band, made up of former Idol contestants Danny and the other two, Erik and Matthias, (who look so alike I still can't tell them apart!), were at Skansen to perform "Jennie Let Me Love You". They certainly looked the part, dressed all in black with contrasting white braces. Following this they led the crowd in a highly topical football themed singalong to "Viva Espana" and kicked footballs into the audience.

This week's headliner was Magnus Uggla, Swedish rock/pop legend. There's not much you can say about Mr Uggla - you always know what you're going to get from him, anthemic crowd-pleasing songs so needless to say this was a very appropriate setting. He performed his latest hit "Parlor åt Svin".

Otherwise, the usual mixed bag including Peter Joback and Eva Dahlgren duetting - Peter, you were (and probably still is) a good-looking boy but what have you done to yourself with those glasses and that facial hair?

The "people's favourite" Sanna Nielsen gave us an acoustic "Empty Room" which remains a very popular song.

A new name to us was Anton Zetterholm, who looks like becoming a big star in musical theatre if his performance of "Everything That I Am" (written by Phil Collins) was anything to go by.

Quite a good show on Tuesday - but next week's should be even better as guests include Brolle, Amanda Jenssen and Maria Haukaas Storeng.

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