Sunday, July 06, 2008

Måns and Linda on tour

Summer in Sweden means various "folkpark" tours in which various artists get together and tour the country during July and August. One of the best-known is Lasse Holm's "Diggiloo" which is described as a mix of humour, rock, schlager and pop. This year's line-up includes Nanne Grönvall, Lasse Holm, Lotta Engberg, Molly Sandén, Linda Bengtzing and ....big fanfare....Måns Zelmerlöw! The tour has kicked off and will run until 17.08.08.

This might be quite a wise move for Måns as this tour plays to big audiences and last year's tour was described as the most popular of all the summer tours. Maybe he'll do a solo tour after the release of his next album, due for release before the end of this year.
Linda Bengtzing (pictured above, photo courtesy of Aftonbladet) has certainly had a drastic image change over the last few months - firstly cutting her hair and now she's dyed it blonde! She should also do very well on the Diggiloo tour - she's certainly a lively performer. Her new single "Sanningen" is very good and is getting lots of airplay on Rix FM at the moment.

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