Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Square-Eyed Couch Potato: June 2008 (Part 2)

I have just realised that there were a few shows I missed out of the May-June roundup, so here they are.

"Alexei Sayle’s Liverpool" (BBC-2, Fridays) was a three week personal journey by the Liverpudlian comedian around various aspects of his home city, past and present. It was a warm and fascinating series, I only wish it had gone on for longer than three weeks. The only problem is that, like many other showbiz-Scousers, he left his home city behind to seek fame - but he dropped a few hints during the final show that he might just return home someday.

"Jonathan Dimbleby’s Russia" (BBC-2, Sundays) was another too-short series: given the size of the country he was exploring, he could have gone on for months and I’d still have enjoyed every minute of it. Excellent stuff, I love this kind of documentary-travelogue and it’s the type of thing the BBC should be doing more of.

Finally, a fond farewell to "The Apprentice" (BBC-1, Wednesdays) even if, as usual, Sir Alan got it wrong yet again by finally choosing...Lee McQueen (pictured above), the man with the gift of the gab, and not even being ever so slightly economical with the truth in his CV at the interview phase could stop him. Claire - or "Badger Part 2" - should have got it. Maybe Sir A is just scared of strong women. I couldn’t understand why ice-queen Helene and relentless "I’m 24!" Alex made it as far as the final either. Only Lucinda - "too zany" for Sir A - had the kind of honesty and independent spirit lacking in most of this year’s wannabe apprentices. But who would really want the job anyway. The more I watch this programme, which I still love by the way, the more I realise that it’s the fame, not the job, that is the end goal.

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