Monday, July 14, 2008

Automatic pilot.

Another day gone by in a blur. At work all day, then briefly back home for dinner, then the hospital run to visit mum - 3 hours 45 minutes tonight, including visiting hour. The patient is still in good form, and in no pain, but certain tests etc need to be followed through so she may remain in the cardiology ward for a little while yet. All being well, she should be home by the weekend.

Despite limited leisure time I'm still blogging because I enjoy it, even if the news isn't always good these days. I'm also excited about the return of two of my favourite bloggers -Poster Girl ( and Acer Ben's Pop Unlimited (, both wonderful, great to have you both back in blog-land! Also a big welcome back to Mick a.k.a Tracklister ( - missed you lots.

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