Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Square-Eyed Couch Potato: June-July 2008

It's almost a year since I started watching "Hollyoaks" (Channel 4/E4, Monday to Friday) and during that time it has never let up - too many dramatic (and award winning) storylines to mention. The drama has continued to flow over recent weeks, as Max married Steph and was killed on his wedding day, run over by evil McQueen-son Niall. Now we have the rather unpleasant storyline of Jack faking his death to address his debts, but the body in the car park was none other than Kris' father! Quite a topical storyline too, as we have a high-profile faked-death court case in the news at the moment here in the UK...

Today I purchased a pair of this season's must-have (but increasingly hard to find) 'gladiator sandals', for the sum of 20 quid. I was therefore cheered to see an almost matching pair on "Gok's Fashion Fix" (Channel 4, Thursdays - repeated Saturdays) for the sum of £425.00. Gok made his name on being an endearingly-camp stylist whose mission was to make women feel good about themselves; now he's trying every week to prove what we already know - that the high street can rival the overpriced designer tat anyday. Mr Wan became famous for his eyewear, so appropriately he's now endorsing glasses in Specsavers, which coincidentally will be my next port of call in the coming weeks for a long-overdue eye test, and a good excuse for some new glasses which I've already chosen. Which, ironically, are overpriced designer tat!!

"Private Practice" (Living TV, Tuesdays) is the long-awaited "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off featuring Addison who has now located to sunnier climes. The first episode played it safe - but there are encouraging signs of a lighter touch than "Grey's" and the most bizarre thing about it all is that Agent Kellerman from "Prison Break" is there, playing a very different character. I'll keep watching, if only for the fact that Addison is a more appealing character than the tedious Meredith....

I shouldn't really be discussing "Who Dares Sings" (ITV, Saturdays) as I've missed it over the last couple of weeks due to much-documented personal stuff, but all I'll say is that there is a good karaoke game show waiting to be made, but this is not it. You can tell it's "summer" in TV land, even if the weather outside suggests otherwise.

I was totally underwhelmed by the little I saw of "Last Choir Standing" (BBC-1, Saturdays) because they've gone down the old sob-story route and it hasn't followed the 'hometown star' format of its Swedish version "Körslaget" which managed to drag the show out of the ordinary. And Myleene Klass is on many shows is she presenting now?

"Greek" (BBC-3, Sundays) still fascinates and puzzles me in equal measures. Yet it's a remarkably pleasant way to spend 45 minutes each week in the company of these endearing fraternity brothers and sorority sisters.

"Tour de France" (ITV-4, daily) is still the best highlights coverage to be found anywhere. Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen, Ned Boulting and Chris Boardman always put together quality commentary and analysis, and constantly interesting background features. Essential viewing which also does not shy away from the controversial issues which overshadow the sport of cycling.

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