Sunday, July 27, 2008

Retro Saturday: Fredericks Goldman Jones

I'm really on a French vibe tonight: maybe it's because it's only 7 weeks till I'm back in Nice...!

If you ever go to France on holiday and take the radio with you, you are guaranteed to hear "A Nos Actes Manques" by Fredericks Goldman Jones. This was a 'supergroup' formed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michael Jones and the late Carole Fredericks. This catchy Afro-themed song has become legendary in France!

"Né En 17 À Leidenstadt" was the first FGJ song I heard back in 1991; a great and (if you have any understanding of French) a really meaningful song which had a great effect on me at the time. Back in those days UK radio station Radio 5 (now Five Live) had a weekly French chart show - yes! - and it introduced me to the likes of JJ Goldman and Mylene Farmer. Does anyone out there remember "Le Top" with (let me get this right) Marc et la Meche??? Here is
"Né En 17 À Leidenstadt":


xobxela said...

Yes! I used to stay in on Saturday nights just to listen to those French sounds. Impossible to imagine you'd ever hear it's like ever again.

EuropeCrazy said...

Great to hear that someone else remembers this show!

Agree that you wouldn't imagine anyone taking such a risk on British radio now, as it's all the same limited playlist everywhere you go. I'm just glad that we have the internet and can listen to French radio now whenever we like.

Jeveux Dusoleil said...

Loved that show! Every week - full of naughty jokes in Franglais.

Some of the worst music ever played on BBC radio, and some of the loveliest musical surprises.