Sunday, July 13, 2008

A difficult weekend...

Firstly, as you know I tend to stay away from really personal stuff on here. I'm a very private person (although I'm well aware of the contradiction between that and the need to blog to the world!) and I'd rather keep the blog lightweight and fun.

However, I need to say that this has been a very surreal and shocking weekend for me. My mum was admitted to hospital on Thursday for a minor operation on Friday, which she seemed to come through successfully. Yesterday she was told that during the operation, she had suffered a mild heart attack, and had now to be transferred to the cardiology ward for tests, monitoring and treatment.

The patient herself is in reasonably high spirits and still boasting her unique sense of humour which is getting her through the endless boredom of day to day hospital life, although she is becoming frustrated with the hospital's obsession with the numerous daily blood tests and other procedures which need to be carried out before she can return home. Her emotional strength is completely inspirational.

The hospital is a two hour round trip from home by public transport (I don't drive) even though our local hospital is only five minutes away, the usual red tape and politics mean that she has to remain there until the tests and treatment is complete. It doesn't matter though: every second of the journey is worth it just to see her again. I just want her home, but I'm sensible enough to realise that she is in the right place at the moment.

At visiting time she told me to go home and do 'normality', so that's what I'm doing. Even the most boring housework is good therapy at the moment. I thought it would also be a good time to go back to the blog, although normal service won't really be resumed for a while here.

As ever, I've had my trusty iPod with me on these long journeys to and from hospital, so I've managed to get this week's playlist together and that's coming next.


Poster Girl said...

I'm so sorry for all you and your family have been going through :( I'll keep your mom in my thoughts and I really hope you're able to achieve some "normality" for yourself--it sounds like your mom is an amazing strong person, and I'm sure you inherited that as well. I really hope everything clears up soon!

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks - all being well, she should be getting home in the next couple of days. She's been told that she'll be able to carry on as normal, although will need to watch that she doesn't overdo it. I'll be making sure of that!!!