Monday, October 27, 2008

The Nice Diaries: Day 5 - Friday 19 September 2008

It was cloudier today, but still warm. Off to the Megastore (no Zavvi here!), to spend my last 50 euro note on 2 DVDs - Mylene Farmer’s live DVD of her last tour, and the stage show of "Le Roi Soleil". Faithful travelling companion bought Chimene Badi’s last CD, a good bargain at 9.99.

Off to the old town again on a ridiculously packed tram. Lots of eateries competing for our attention - so why did we choose the worst restaurant in Nice for lunch? (I won’t mention it here as they might sue me!!!)

Its 8.50 euro menu seemed a good idea at the time with a number of main courses and sweets to choose from, and a glass of wine thrown in. The only thing was, half the menu options were suddenly unavailable, the tagliatelle was about three inches thick and there was gnocchi, but not as we know it. And the ultimate crime against red wine - it was chilled! Even the radio in this establishment wasn’t working properly.

Totally traumatised, we headed off to the port (pictured above, before the rain came on). Rain clouds started gathering and the rain followed, but it didn’t stop us exploring. We stopped off at a little cafe and were served coffee by a Matt Pokora lookalike, well there are worse things I can think of! On our way back up to Place Garibaldi, the torrential rain suddenly came on at 3.45 and luckily we were under a canopy outside a shop at the time. We continued to shelter there until it went off, then went back up to the Old Town, as I was determined to get a mid-afternoon portion of socca - a chickpea pancake which is an old town speciality. This was very enjoyable, however faithful travelling companion doesn’t share my enthusiasm for it. Here's some socca accompanied by a...coca.

The rain eventually went off and stayed off. After some shopping it was back to the hotel for the final of "Dance Floor" on TF1, which was deservedly won by breakdancing Tonio.

Back out for evening dinner- a fab Mexican meal which made up for our lunch horror - and some drinks afterwards. Early to bed tonight, as a busy day ahead tomorrow.

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