Monday, October 20, 2008

Star Academy: Prime 5, 17.10.08.

Prime 5 kicked off with a Johnny Hallyday medley, before the grand introduction of the man himself.

Quentin, Mickels & Johnny Hallyday: "Gabrielle": Good, as neither tried to out-Johnny Johnny, but he completely overshadowed them. Mickels got 13.5, Quentin 14.

Anissa & Lorie: "Medley". Lorie’s all grown up now and looks very ‘rock chick’. Although Anissa may lack the heavyweight soul diva characteristics of Joanna, I think she’s got more ‘modern-appeal’ and I could see her do quite well as a pop star. 14.2.

Joanna & Sofia Essaidi: "Femme D’Aujourd’hui" - exquisitely staged, with Sofia in full Cleo-dress.

Harold & Chris Stills: "L’Accord" - I think musical theatre may be his strength, rather than pop or rock.

Edouard & Gautier: "Ma Gueule": last week a fight broke out between these two: this week, music makes the people come together. But what’s with the freaky hairdos? A bit of an unsatisfactory bawl-fest. 13.5 for Gautier.

Anissa & Kat DeLuna - "Medley": Could she be a possible contender. Maybe...

Maryline - "Je Suis Un Homme". I don’t know why, but she still leaves me cold, and Zazie she certainly isn’t. 14.

Then comes rather stomach-churning marriage proposal from Maryline’s fiancĂ©.

Joanna & Johnny Hallyday - "Unchained Melody". A bawl-fest, in two languages. 15.2 for Joanna.

Solene & Julien Dore - "Les Limites". I think she turned a corner this week with this dazzling and confident duet with the Nouvelle Star 2007 winner. This may be her turning point. 15.2.

Edouard - "Medley (Fever/Hit The Road Jack)". I think he’s ok, but still in places a poor man’s Quentin Mosimann. 15.2.

Alice - "Harley Davidson". A mixture of Vanessa Paradis and Elodie Frege, and obviously still has some purpose. She looks better than she sounds. 13.3.

Anissa & Sofia Essaidi - "Tu Es Mon Autre". I’ve never really been a fan of this song and I don't think it did any of them any favours. Sofia is fab though.

Yvane - "Et Si Tu N’existais Pas". A Bollywood-style tableau, and he looked every inch the Bollywood idol. Is a reinvention on the cards? 13.8.

Harold & Chris Brown - "Kiss Kiss". This was all Chris Brown here, and I didn’t think this really suited Harold who was a bit sidelined here. Good though. 14.3.

Joanna, Solene & Harold & Laurent Wolf - "Medley". Are Joanna and Solene the Hoda and Lucie of 2008? Embarrassment time.....Nikos dad-dancing again.

Julia - "Message Personnel". This wasn’t right for her and she appeared to be a bit of a square peg from day 1. No surprise that she went, but she never turned her potential into progress.

Julia, Maryline & Alice & Julien Dore: "L.O.V.E.". Quite a hilarious little number, from the most bonkers talent show winner ever. I always thought he was rubbish, but now I realise he’s rubbish in a good way.

1. Edouard, Solene & Joanna
4. Harold
5. Anissa
6. Quentin
7. Maryline
8. Yvane
Bottom 4:
Mickels, Gautier, Alice & Julia.

Alice saved by the viewers, and Maryline by the students, sending Julia home.

Next week: I fear for Mickels, who will probably be a nominee along with Yvane and the ubiquitously nominated Alice.

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