Saturday, October 25, 2008

Retro Saturday: Saturday Night Fever special - Bee Gees

Tonight I listened to a brilliant concert on BBC Radio 2 which is part of the "Electric Proms" season which I always enjoy every year as there is a great variety of music featured, truly something for everyone.

I love, love, love "Saturday Night Fever" and it was a dream come true when I finally got to see the stage musical version of the show last year. Can you believe it's 30 years since this fabulous, gritty movie hit our cinema screens? To celebrate this milestone, a special concert took place to celebrate the Bee Gees' musical masterpiece and it's on BBC-2 right now (and will also be on the "red button" coverage for digital viewers tomorrow) of course I'm videoing it to watch tomorrow night. (On TV just now: one of this blog's faves Bryn Christopher, looking and sounding as wonderful as ever :))))))

I'll do a separate post about who sung what, but in a slight departure from the usual Retro Saturday format I thought I'd do my own little Retro Saturday Night Fever celebration, starting with who else but the Bee Gees...

"Stayin' Alive":

"Night Fever":

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