Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MTV - Europe's Favourite Act update

I don't think it's as exciting this year as it was in 2007 with the daily eliminations in "New Sounds of Europe".

The top 5 in the voting at the moment are:

Nightwish (Finland)
Leona Lewis (UK & Ireland)
Shiri Maimon (Israel)
Finley (Italy)
Emre Aydin (Turkey)

Something of interest for ESC fans is that Dima Bilan and Laka are also in the running, although I still can't understand the MTV awards' fascination with Neverstore. Nothing against them personally, but last year I was more than a bit annoyed about it....check out my posts from September & October 2007 if you don't believe me :)

1 comment:

Zore said...

I want nightwish to win. They are a very good band with good music and know though all Europe