Saturday, November 01, 2008

This week's playlist: I almost lost it but now I'm back on track

Twelve Fingers - Salem Al Fakir: currently bulldozing its way into the upper reaches of my 2008-50 (it all starts here on the 20th November!), my favourite singer is back! back! back! and this is just a wonderful song which you can hear, along with "It's Only You Part II", over at

It's Only You Part II - Salem Al Fakir: take one mega-talented Swedish musical genius, add a Volvo commercial and mix it up for (hopefully) international super-stardom at last. An amazing electro-pop reinvention of a lovely acoustic song from his debut album.

Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon: OK it's been around for a long time, but I am still loving this. When this song comes on the radio when I'm at work, I start headbanging, which is the cause of some minor amusement to some of my younger colleagues. :)

Breathing Your Love - Darin: Soooo good to have him back again. This is growing on me more and more.

Love Child - Fibes! Oh Fibes!: still available at their Myspace ( this is a rather cracking little song. Expect some new material soon: I'll keep checking out their Myspace for info.

The Boy Does Nothing - Alesha Dixon: Impossible not to sit still when this is on. Yet another example of Xenomania's 'six-songs-in-one' pop formula, which is always a winner for me. It does have that love-hate quality though....I'm in the love camp, for now.

Womanizer - Britney Spears: possibly the first and last time I'll ever feature a Britney song on here, as I've never been a fan, but this is terribly addictive and I'm having real trouble getting that song out of my brain.

Keeps Gettin' Better - Christina Aguilera: again I've never really been a fan of her either, but I like the electro-vibe of this song and it is really growing on me.

Disco Inferno/My World/Help Me - Bryn Christopher: since he was so fantastic on the Electric Proms last week, I can't stop playing these. A truly underrated British soul talent.

Last Goodbye - Avenue: OK so this may have flopped in the chart but there is always room in my heart for one more boyband pop song, and this is it.

Take Back The City - Snow Patrol: major shock at EuropeCrazy HQ, as the ambassadors of dreary-pop actually make a record which I like a lot.

Crying Blood - VV Brown: my mum tipped me off about this one as she'd seen the totally bonkers VV on "Later With Jools Holland" whilst I was away in Nice. Catchy tune, interesting haircut, and a fun, welcome antidote to all those Duffys and Adeles....

What Is Love - Haddaway: there is no reason for this being in my playlist this week, apart from the fact I'm always partial to a bit of 90s Euro-dance, and also when I hear this I just think of Bjorn Gustafsson dancing to it at Melodifestivalen and that just brings a big smile to my face, and you can't ask any more than that.

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