Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2008-50: No. 39 - Se mig, hör mig, rör mig

"Hur Svart Kan Det Va'?" - Linda Bengtzing.
The song and performance which converted me from a Linda-hater to a Linda-fan. It was like "Grace Kelly"-meets-schlager (and here's a clue, there will be another song later in my chart fitting that description), and what really did it for me was her lively performance of the song at this year's MF - she was really going for it!

I don't think she'll be back at MF for a little while, but I'm sure she'll be back some day - hopefully as good as this.

Normal service should be resumed tomorrow night, now that this holiday nonsense is over! - as the 2008-50 gets back to two songs per night and the countdown continues.

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