Sunday, November 16, 2008

This weekend's talent shows - a very quick roundup

Idol - "Soul Week" which was OK but the show is definitely missing Lars. I think it'll be an Anna vs Kevin final now. Beware of the Borg!

Star Academy - Gautier, Anissa and Quentin nominated. Yes you read it right, Alice escaped nomination for once! Gautier saved by the viewers, Anissa saved by the students and out goes Quentin. Patricia Kaas was guest of honour this week, other guests included Etienne Daho and Natasha St-Pier. Same old, same old as Joanna stays top although I still can't see her winning. I would like Mickels to win, but I can't see him winning either. Beware of the Gautier!

Strictly Come Dancing - tough one to call this week. Jodie back on form, Rachel overrated, Austin and Tom both being wonderful as usual and John being praised. Yes you read it right. He's not supposed to be praised, he's not supposed to improve. We want a bad, bad, bad John, to give us a performance to equal his paso doble!! Spoiler fans will know the result, all I'll say is yet again the bottom two are a bit surprising. And of course Heather Small's not there anymore for her predictable place in the bottom two :)

Edit 17.11.08: Cherie and Lisa in the bottom two, Cherie voted off in the dance-off. Ironically this was the first week I enjoyed her performance, maybe it was a bit too "different" for her usual voters.

This show needs to decide if it's a dancing competition or "Vote For The Worst" !!

Dansbandskampen - haven't seen it yet but uproar in the Swedish press at yet another predictable outcome for Larz-Kristerz and Scotts - and lots of demand to change the rules. Looks like they might need to, if this goes on!

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