Sunday, November 09, 2008

Idol 2008 07.11.08: Lars is gone :(

It was too good to last. Idol-rebel Lars Eriksson was finally evicted from Friday's show, which had the "Rock Week" theme. I thought everyone was rather good this week actually :)

Johan Palm - "Poison" : think a blonde version of Tokio Hotel-Bill, and you get the idea. I thought he was rather good, and I liked his black nail varnish :))

Kevin Borg - "Livin' On A Prayer": unfortunately my view hasn't really changed that our Kevin is a boy in search of a boyband. He was good though, and I think he'll go quite far now. Possible winner??

Alice Svensson - "Heaven's On Fire": she's too nice and sweet to rock-out, so was probably one of the more unconvincing rockers tonight, but she has (as Simon Cowell once said) the "likeability factor" so we'll let her away with it.

Robin Bengtsson - "Dude Looks Like A Lady" : if Aerosmith need a replacement for Steven Tyler, Robin B did his best to impress :)

Lars Eriksson - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" : our hero decided not to sing a Desmond Child song in favour of the Nirvana song. Let's face it, he didn't do it justice, but who cares, he is Lars Eriksson and he made Idol 2008 interesting for a while.

Anna Bergendahl - "Save Up All Your Tears" : she is in with a great chance of winning now, however as all us "Idol" fans know now, it's better not to win.

Robin Ericsson - "You Give Love A Bad Name": he was very comfortable on this one. although I don't think he'll last too long, but he did "I Surrender" by Rainbow a few weeks ago, and we love that song so he's ok!!


Damian said...

"all us "Idol" fans know now, it's better not to win"
Why do you think so? :)
I try to follow Idol but there's a lot I look on youtube and can miss something.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Damian,

Well certainly in the case of the Swedish version of "Idol", many of the contestants who didn't win - Darin, Sebastian, Måns Zelmerlöw, Amanda Jenssen to name four - have gone on to do very well indeed, whilst the winners generally have a very short shelf life.

The "Idol" video clips are all available at

Damian said...

Hehe, you're right then, but, you know...Yes, if we take Daniel vs. Darin, I think Daniel is not interesting for swedish audience, Darin is surely more popular and from the begining had stronger producing team.
Agnes vs. Sebastian - I think Agnes has bigger success than Sebastian with her releases.
Markus vs. Erik - hard to say, second album of Markus is not so successful by sales but I'm not sure Erik would be more successful...
Marie vs. Amanda - it's early to say something, Amanda had great singles "Do You Want Me" and "Amarula Tree" but her other stuff was very weak and if she won't have as strong hits, she won't be successful as well.
I just don't want Johan and Kevin to win. Robin B and Alice would be okayish winners, but I really want final - Robin E vs Anna - they are so awesome!!!
About tv4 - unfortunately I can't play videos on that site, I have Windows Media Player 11, but videos don't play, can you say which version of WMP you have?

EuropeCrazy said...

I've only got WMP10, but I don't know how I get the clips to work other than just repeatedly clicking on them. I sometimes have trouble with TV4's site, think it depends what mood it's in before it works for me :)

Markus vs Erik: well this is a tough one, as neither of them did particularly well to begin with, but Markus' career may be revived thanks to appearing in Dancing on Ice, whilst Erik's enjoyed more success as a member of E.M.D. than with his solo stuff.

I wanted an Anna vs Lars final, but that's not going to happen. Beware of Johan and Kevin...