Thursday, November 06, 2008

...and who has Lars offended today?

I'm getting much amusement out of this whole Idol-Lars controversy, and it's filling the Swedish press in much the same way that the whole Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross 'phonegate' scandal was all over our media last week before the press did that rare thing and briefly got back to reporting actual news (the Obama win).

Basically, for those who've just joined us, Lars auditioned for Swedish Idol and from that moment he became one of the hot favourites. And then the finals started and slowly he began to bring a subversive touch - his deliberately awful "Money Money Money" on Abba week: culminating in last week's irreverent performance on schlager week:

The producers called it disrespectful and wanted him out: since then the Swedish tabloids have gone into overdrive and he's either flavour of the week or public enemy number one.

Anyway his latest 'crime' was to snub this week's special guest, top rock songwriting legend Desmond Child, and choose not to sing one of his songs but instead have a go at "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Sounds like a disastrous move, I think I'll sit on the fence this time and not even dare to predict if he'll stay or go this week.


Rachel said...

I've never watched Idol- just these videos you've linked to- but I'm loving Lars! It's so refreshing to have someone who clearly doesn't "want this so bad" and isn't doing it to "give my family a better life".They wouldn't stand for it on X Factor!

EuropeCrazy said...

Lars rules!!

That's why I stopped watching X Factor, I hated all the sob stories, the dead relatives/dead dogs/this is all I ever wanted stuff. I'm getting a kick out of how all this Lars thing is really annoying the show's producers.

I hope he stays in for as long as possible so he annoys them even more!!