Sunday, November 09, 2008

We've reached the point in "Strictly" when it just gets a little absurd...

Yes, you know that point when there is one really bad dancer left in the competition, but they're such a big hit with the public that they stay in longer than they really should have. Every series of "Strictly Come Dancing" has one ...Chris Parker, Julian Clary, Fiona Phillips, Peter Schmeichel, Kate Garraway. Add John Sergeant to that list. The political reporter's non-dancing has been so entertaining this series, but we've now reached that point when the serious competition is underway, he shouldn't be there anymore, but he is, and still putting a smile on everyone's face.

Last night's show was, like last week, a mixed bag of dances.

Tom and Camilla - Quick Step: despite Tom injuring himself early in the week, it didn't stop him from delivering a light-footed perfect routine which maybe was a little over-the-top but very enjoyable nevertheless.

Jodie and Ian - Samba: we've got a soft spot for Jodie here, because you can see her making progress over the duration of the competition. We knew though that she's struggle in Latin, purely because she's too tall and in this dance, a little too wooden.

Heather and Brian - Tango: looked as if there was some tension last night between queen of the bottom two Heather and her partner. She'd improved, but her problem was that she's still holding back.

Austin and Erin - Rhumba: I never think this is much of a dance and I prefer Austin in more active mode. He appeared uncomfortable and lacked oomph - and even received criticism from the judges!

Cherie and James - Waltz: I reckon she's the most overrated contestant this year, and this got the predictable praise and big marks from the judges.

Christine and Matthew - Jive: Christine can be a little bland and boring but her jive was certainly lively and had more to it than Rachel's jive from last week.

Rachel and Vincent - American Smooth: credit where it's due, I thought this was one of the best of the night - a very high speed smooth like you've never seen before.

John and Kristina - Cha Cha Cha: but not as we know it. Not quite as legendary as his paso doble, but this guy still has such a sense of fun, and Kristina is still in on the joke. Merited one point from Craig Revel Horwood, and only 12 from the judges in total.

Lisa and Brendan - Viennese Waltz: the VW isn't one of my favourite dances anyway and I can't tell a good one from an average one, but this was pretty good I guess.

Jodie and John were bottom two this week.

I read the spoilers last night over at Digital Spy so if you want to find out who went then head on over there to the Strictly forum. All I'll say is....the viewers and the judges have a very different outlook indeed.

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