Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008-50: No. 38 - More or less, everyone has a mess in their hearts and heads

"And I Lie" - Prata Vetra.

Everyone's favourite Latvian band returned this year with a new album, and a more edgy, different sound. "And I Lie", the first single from the album, was possibly the most accessible of their new songs, but was still a shock to the system for those with fond memories of "My Star" and "A Day Before Tomorrow". And, to complicate matters, it was the Latvian version of this song, not the English one, which appeared on the album.

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Rachel said...

Mmm,Prata Vetra- :)))))))))))))))) Sometimes I think we must be the only 2 people to know who they are,I don't think I've ever seen them mentioned on another blog...

And I Lie is a good song,although I'm not quite sure if I prefer this new and modern funky stuff or the classic cheesy pop.Shows how good they are that they can do both so well though.