Saturday, November 08, 2008

Retro Saturday: Gail Ann Dorsey

A little rarity now from the very talented Ms Dorsey who went on to become an in-demand session bassist for a variety of acts - everyone from David Bowie and Brian Ferry to Robbie Williams and Gwen Stefani. She had her own brief musical career back in 1988 and I loved her single "Wasted Country" back then. Someone has posted a video from "The Chart Show" - now that is one very sadly missed programme - at

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Karen said...

Actually she still does have a solo career as well. 2004 saw her release I Used to Be... which I've seen on ebay as well as can be bought through her website I assume it can also be bought on other online shops, but do not know as I chose to purchase mine through her website. Give it a go when you have time/funds. It's really lovely.