Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reality TV update

Idol - well what a shocker, the pre-contest favourite Anna Bergendahl was voted out last Friday. Maybe the public just got sick of her quivery voice which was even more quivery on "Over The Rainbow". I'm definitely predicting a Kevin Borg-Johan Palm final now. ( reckon Robin will go next week, then Alice). I'm not really into Idol this year and I don't think there are any great talents - like all other reality talent shows, it's all just a popularity contest now.

Star Academy - first week of all contestants being up for the public vote, and the two out this week were Edouard and Anissa. How these two can be evicted yet Alice and Gautier remain in the contest...it's all down to popularity again folks!

Dansbandskampen - oh, just give the title to Scotts and be done with it! As Poster Girl reported, Scotts have been given a song to sing at next year's Melodifestivalen and I reckon they should do quite well. They would appear to be the natural successors to Barbados, appealing to both the older dansband fans as well as a younger market. Yet another foregone conclusion this week as Larz-Kristerz also went through along with Scotts to meet (and presumably beat off) next week's batch of contenders.

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