Tuesday, November 18, 2008

EuropeCrazy presents...The 2008-50!

It doesn't seem like a year since I was doing my 2007-50, but that time has come round again to unveil my top 50 favourite songs of the year. I'm still doing frantic scribbling/crossing out/amending this chart and even I don't know if the version I have written in front of me will be the final one posted to this blog. One thing is very sure: there have been major changes in my top 10. And if you know the way my mind (and musical taste) works, it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out what these may be...!

Same format as last year: two songs per day, counting down till I reach number one on Sunday 14th December, if my calculations are right.

I was due to start the countdown on Thursday night but as I'll be away on Saturday and Sunday then I'm starting it early, so that should explain it. :)

So let's begin!

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