Monday, October 27, 2008

The Nice Diaries: Day 8 - Monday 22 September 2008

Our final day in Nice, but as our flight wasn't leaving till mid-evening, we didn't have to rush away early.

The continuing saga of the ‘mystery face’ contest on M6's Starsix Music has not been resolved. The prize for guessing the mystery blonde hidden behind the squares (above) is now up to 29400 euros. For all I know, this is still going: I checked a couple of weeks ago and it still hadn’t been won.

We took some time to chill out and relax before checking out, then headed out for a while. The rain had gone off and the seats down the prom had dried sufficiently for us to sit for a while. Watching the sea is such a simple, happy and therapeutic pleasure.
Lunch - more pasta. Fans of pasta and pizza will find paradise in Nice, and so it is for us. As I’m almost vegetarian (‘almost’ meaning I haven’t given up chicken yet), there are plenty of options available although for red meat and fish fans there’s equally so much choice.
After lunch we headed back to the hotel for our luggage, and the short walk to the bus stop for the airport bus. This was a perfect holiday in every way: even our flights home were on time.
This was our third summer holiday in Nice, and won’t be our last. It’s an utterly amazing place and if you ever get the opportunity to go there, then do it. You will not be disappointed.

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