Monday, October 06, 2008

Star Academy: Prime 3, 03.10.08

Didn't have time this week to watch the full prime - would need about three days to do that ha ha, it's getting more of a marathon by the week.

Anyway I really enjoyed this week's show and thought that most of the eleves raised their game this week. So here is my review, not in any particular order:

"Ma Liberte de Penser" - all the students sang this in tribute to this week's special guest Florent Pagny and this was, I thought, rather good.

Quentin and Florent Pagny - "Amsterdam". Pagny, like Johnny Hallyday, can be a tough act to sing with but I thought Quentin did well, and for one so young he has such control and vocal maturity. 14.8.

Solene and Sheryfa Luna - "Il Avait Les Mots". Sheryfa is such a star - but Solene still has that rabbit-in-headlights quality and needs to overcome her nerves to progress in this contest. 13.7.

Mickels and Lenny Kravitz - "Are You Gonna Go My Way". I really enjoyed this too: Mickels is one of my favourites in the contest and I hope he goes far although I don't think he'll win.

Anissa and Mathieu Edward - "Comme Avant". Oh I love this song so much! Mathieu really has grown into an absolutely convincing r'n'b star, and Anissa did quite well here too. Sheryfa Luna also made an appearance halfway through this song. 15.2.

Harold and Daniel Powter - "Bad Day" and "Next Plane Home". There is something quite appealing about Harold, even if his name still makes me think of Steptoe and Son (!) and I thought he was the vocal equal of Mr Powter here and certainly deserving of more than 15!

Joanna - "I Will Always Love You". It was her turn for the tableau this week, all white swans and extravagance. She was very good but her vocals wobbled in places. 17.5.

Maryline and Pauline: "Allo Le Monde". Hard to tell who was the professional here - Pauline was awful and was out-sung, but I'm still not sure if I like Maryline or not. 14.7.

Julia and Solene: "Les Brunes Ne Comptent Pas...." a fun and lively number, but still couldn't cover up for the fact that Julia's days are numbered in this contest and it's only a matter of time till she's out. 13.2.

Joanna and the Pussycat Dolls - "When I Grow Up". Showing a very different side of her personality and this absolutely worked.

Yvane - "Bouge De La". Seemingly changed the words of the MC Solaar classic. I'm still not sure of his 'talent' but his 'rebellion' - even if it's becoming tiresome - is needed this year, and he needs to stay for a while!

Ana and Madcon - "Beggin'". I guess the reason I liked this week's prime so much was because a lot of my current/recent favourites were on. Sadly Ana is being given the wrong song choices and set up for an early eviction. 13.2.


Gaetan - "La Boulette". Enlisting the help of resident-rebel Yvane on co-rapping duties wasn't enough to keep him in. He may be quite a decent rapper but wasn't a good enough singer to remain in the academy.

Alice - "Ce Matin". An improvement on some of her previous performances but she is still falling short of what's required.

Edouard - "Ensemble". He's not Sinclair (who is?) but he made a decent job of this and was helped by his fellow students on a well-staged number.

Alice saved by the public, Edouard saved by his fellow students and bye bye Gaetan.

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