Sunday, October 26, 2008

Swedish Charts Update

Martin Stenmarck is back at the top of the Sverige Topplistan with "A Million Candles Burning" which is a very different sound from his usual and is an environmental-friendly charity single. With a title like that, I expected one of those "Winners Song"-type hands in the air ballads so I was glad it was more uptempo.

At no.2 in the Topplistan is Darin, who is back, to the joy of pop-bloggers everywhere. "Breathing Your Love" is very good, and has a little "Disturbia"-vibe going on, although IMHO it will never replace "Money For Nothing" as my favourite Darin song. My only other gripe about this one is that Kat De Luna is on it, I can't understand her appeal and it could have done without her.

I've never really been a Britney Spears fan but "Womanizer" has such a catchy hookline which has already eaten its way into my brain and it's now squatting there. I'm trying to evict it. No.3 this week in the Topplistan.

Poster Girl recently mentioned the debut single by Daniel Karlsson who was on Idol last year. I've decided that "Would You Believe", which is this week's highest new entry at no.9, is a rather excellent record and it has totally taken me by surprise as I didn't expect that type of song from him - commercial yet extremely credible. I hope this continues to do well and that we get to hear an album from him.

Going up to no.12, is an ex-Idol winner and participant in "Stjärnor på is" - the Swedish version of "Dancing On Ice", Markus Fagervall with "If You Don't Mean It" which is OK although a bit on the formulaic mid-paced-pop-ballad side. I was never really a fan of his when he was on Idol so can't get too excited about this.

Finally, at no.18 there's a really catchy track by Swingfly - yet another Swedish rapper, this genre really is on a high at the moment - and "Singing That Melody" has really grown on me with its rather cheesy mobile phone number hookline.

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Poster Girl said...

You're spot-on about Daniel's song being unexpectedly commercial (though of course credible too)--that's really not the vibe I got from him on Idol.

"Money For Nothing" should be seen as a Swedish classic. It really should!