Monday, April 27, 2009

Lee Mead and Denise Van Outen have got married!

I didn't think they would, but they just have....on a beach in the Seychelles, and kept it a secret, no magazine deals etc, that's a nice change these days isn't it.

Wow this must be serious then I guess. As regular readers know, Lee was one of my obsessions in the early days of Europe Crazy 2 years ago, and he remains one of my two favourite gorgeous curly haired men. All I can say is Denise is one very lucky lady!


Chicken dippers live in trees and you know it said...

hahaha I saw him once when I was walking past that theatre he was doing Joseph in, he is very tall in person and he waved at me! woo hoo Lee and Salem doin it for the curly men of the world haha:)

oh yeeeeess I forgot to mention its me j aka darkfairy

EuropeCrazy said...

Chicken dippers etc.....LOL!!!!!

Thanks for crossing over from Planet Salem to my EuropeCrazy world.

A wave from Lee, eh that is a major woo hoo! moment, I bet he was even more gorgeous in real life.