Monday, April 06, 2009

Paul Haig Day

Just thought I'd mention this wonderful idea. One of the many great music-bloggers out there, The Vinyl Villain, has declared today, 6th April, Paul Haig Day. This is in honour of that very underrated and inventive artist who many of us remember from his ahead-of-its-time music in the 1980s. Basically, the story goes that TVV had posted a Paul Haig track and had been ordered by those faceless DMCA people to remove it.....only for Paul himself and his management to fully support what TVV had been doing. If you go to TVV's website you'll find lots of links to other bloggers, many of whom are posting Paul Haig songs today on their blogs.

In support of this, here are a couple of YouTube links to a couple of my favourite Haig classics so you can discover the man's musical greatness. Enjoy!!

"Big Blue World" :

"The Only Truth" :

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JC said...

many thanks for the support.

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