Friday, April 24, 2009

This weekend...

Hopefully back in business, as it's been such a busy week since I got back from Sweden.

I'm full of good intentions as usual so you can expect some or even all of the following:
  • The Gothenburg Diaries! in which I once again attempt to get onto Blogs of Note with my exquisite food photography;
  • The EuropeCrazy Holiday Hit List of all my favourite songs on the radio from Gothenburg;
  • The return of Retro Saturday;
  • That "MZW" album review;
  • Maybe even a Swedish charts update, who knows?

I'm still on cloud nine after last weekend and I don't think I'm going to come down from that cloud for a long long time!!

It's just non-stop at the moment as I'm off again in 10 days to Dusseldorf, and on my return I finally hope to resurrect this blog to its former glories :)

EDIT 26.04.09: OK so much for the good intentions - Holiday Hit List should be on here on Monday night and I'm hoping to slot in the "MZW" review at some time this week.

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