Friday, April 10, 2009

This weekend....'s Easter, and I've got a long weekend off work, so I might even do some updates on what is becoming a sadly neglected blog of late :(

Anyway it's the last weekend before I head off to Gothenburg next Friday for my long-awaited trip-of-a-lifetime, so I'll try and make a bit of an effort from tomorrow till Monday.

In the meantime, a couple of things which caught my eyes/ears this week:

1) Saw Kate Ryan's "Ella Elle L'a" video on The Box (music channel). So this has now been mostly translated into English, I guess it's for the benefit of the lingua-phobic great British public who don't seem to appreciate anything in a foreign language. Being the purist I am, I think it's ruined the song IMHO. I absolutely love the France Gall original, and as I appreciate Kate's efforts to resurrect classic French-pop in a dancey-stylee for the kids of today, then I was OK with her version too. But English lyrics? As the great philosophers Vanilla (!) once said, "no way, no way".

2) At work we've changed the radio station to Galaxy, which is a station playing mainly dance/r'n'b/rap/dancey-pop stuff. I'd appreciate a bit less of that autotune-r'n'b though: at one point I thought they had Akon on repeat, and I'd also ban all those Rihanna soundalikes. That "T-Shirt" song by Shontelle being the worst offender. I wish they'd play more 90s dance though. Still I am enjoying it and have developed an unfathomable liking for the new Britney Spears song (!) and even though it's been around for ever, "Take Me Back" by Tinchy Stryder/Taio Cruz is finally floating my boat. Oh and I am now totally loving "Infinity 2008" by Guru Josh Project...even though it's been around for ever and ever :)))

3) Had a totally bizarre dream this week, where a couple of my neighbours were fighting over a broken lawnmower - and then from out of nowhere, in walks Lady GaGa, singing "Poker Face". Hmmm.

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Keira said...

I just saw the english version of Kate Ryan and am equally miffed. I don't understand how changing the language has made me dislike it so much. It really doesn't work in English. I didn't like the song that much anyway, but have heard it a few times in the clubs in Finland (the original fully-french version) so do find this version very odd and not an improvement at all.