Saturday, April 11, 2009

Retro Saturday: The Buggles

Not just a random choice, but rather deliberate tonight for two reasons: 1) Buggles main man Trevor Horn - possibly the greatest producer ever in my book - produced one of my fave albums ever, ABC's "The Lexicon Of Love". Anyway whilst reading Radio Times it caught my eye that ABC and the BBC Concert Orchestra were performing the album in its entirety and this was being broadcast on BBC Radio 2 tonight. And I missed it (of course) anyway fingers crossed it'll be on iPlayer....

2) Apparently he's producing Robbie Williams' comeback album.

So, two good reasons to feature the Buggles - best known for "Video Killed The Radio Star" so as usual I thought I'd be different and go for "Plastic Age" which I always liked. Find it at and try to ignore the video/sound synchronisation, just enjoy the song.

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