Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maybe hasta-la-vista, maybe not?

I have a totally rubbish and unreliable internet connection at home just now which is hanging by a thread, so I came to the conclusion that in the event that it doesn't make it till Thursday night I might just say my temporary farewells just now?

So in case it breaks down....

For the three people in the world who don't know the story (!), I am flying out to Gothenburg, Sweden on Friday with faithful travelling companion in tow, and on Saturday night we are going to see my favourite singer (and the reason for my other blog Planet Salem) - Salem Al Fakir, live in concert. Just call it living the dream. For the last 12 weeks, I've been on an absolute high, in a constant state of euphoria and I can't believe it's almost here now.

All things being well I should be back here on Sunday night (flights home and internet connection permitting) hopefully with lots to tell. When I'm over there I'm also going to buy my Melodifestivalen DVD and Måns Zelmerlöw's new CD too, there's so much I want to bring home but probably wouldn't be able to fit it in my already-overpacked hand luggage! Oh and I probably won't be able to resist adding to my toy moose collection (!) Yeah, I know.

(Having said all that, I may throw in a couple of posts before I go, either from work or if my connection holds up. So it may or may not be hasta-la-vista!!)

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