Monday, April 13, 2009

This week's playlist: I feel a hunger burning inside

Belated happy Easter greetings everyone!

This will be my last playlist for a couple of weeks. I decided to make it a Salem-free zone for a change, although I'm still playing his music relentlessly I'm also listening to some other stuff too. My playlist this week is a little influenced by the fact we've now got Galaxy Radio on at work!

In The Heat of the Night - Star Pilots: this came on the radio, I leapt out of my chair and yelled "Star Pilots!!" to the usual bemusement of my colleagues. Could this be the next big Swedish dance hit to break into the top 40? Hope so.

She's Got Me Dancing - Tommy Sparks: another one on Galaxy: think Ali Love's "Late Night Session" meets Franz Ferdinand meets Junior Senior and you get the idea. Didn't realise till today that he was Swedish. But then, that shouldn't surprise me: this is pop perfection.

Tingaliin - DJ Trexx & P-Bros: this is now a firm Friday night favourite at EuropeCrazy HQ. I showed their MF interval act video to faithful travelling companion - who is not a Melodifestivalen fan BTW - and he loved it. Yes this is wrong, but I love it. One more time for the motherland!!!!

Shake It - Metro Station: indeed I still like this too. Catchy pop, that's all.

Right Here Right Now - BWO: this will be the follow-up single to "You're Not Alone" and rather fab it is too. I will get round to reviewing the album at some point: this is one of the best tracks on it.

Poker Face - Lady GaGa: totally loving this now and I never get sick of hearing it. Which is just as well as it's never off the radio!! Of course Sweden is now on to her next single "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) which is ok although lacks the uniqueness of Just Dance/Poker Face. But I'll probably end up loving that too...

Dead and Gone - T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake: another one of our Friday night favourites. About time Mr Timberlake stopped 'featuring' and started making his own music again though...

Love Lockdown - Kanye West: I didn't like this initially but hearing Veronica Maggio's great cover version on "Popcirkus" made me want to rediscover the song again. And now I like it, although I still hate that vocoder-style because it reminds me of Akon, and I'm really, really, fed up with him.

Take Me Back - Tinchy Stryder/Taio Cruz: another one I've come late to. This took a long, long, long time to grow on me but it finally has. Even with that vocoder-autotune thing. "Cause I can't live without you, oh-oh-oh..."

If You See(k) Amy - Britney Spears: Don't know about Amy, but I'm beginning to think about seeking some medical help as that's two Britney Spears songs which I have liked now (the other being "Womanizer", and I've never been a fan of hers. This isn't big, or clever, but it's too catchy for words.

Hurtful - Erik Hassle: major buzz for this Swedish artist in blog-land at the minute, and I totally understand why. I'm really looking forward to his album. I'm sure this single will do better internationally than in his native Sweden, where for some unfathomable reason it's only hovering around the lower end of the singles chart (along with Salem, equally unfathomable).

I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris: Hooray! This is no.1 in the UK top 40, well deserved. One of my favourite singles of the year. He's bringing much-needed creativity to dance music.

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