Friday, April 24, 2009

The things you discover on a Friday night whilst looking for French music....!

As if a good new Calogero album isn't enough, I've just found out that Emmanuel Moire has a new album out too, "L'équilibre" is its name, it was released last week.

Emmanuel has had a drastic image change since his last album, he's shaved off all his hair :( you know I don't go for that look, but strangely enough he seems to carry it off....!

Anyway let's focus on the music (based on the short clips available at

There's a more contemporary electro-pop production this time which may win him some new fans. It may be a little overproduced at times, verging on my pet-hate-of-the-moment (the dreaded autotune) however it's really good to hear him trying a more updated style. He is a very good and talented singer and deserves success with his second album.

(Yet again) more to follow...


Poster Girl said...

I'm not sure why, but this post has suddenly made me very interested in hearing the album! I'm off to listen to the preview clips right now. I know his name but couldn't sing any of his songs--electro-pop IS a pretty big switch away from what I associate him with, though!

EuropeCrazy said...

It's a big big change for him, coming from a musical like "Le Roi Soleil" and then releasing a (pretty conventional) French pop album ...I really wasn't prepared for this but it's a pleasant surprise.

Maybe he realised that he needed to up his game a little as his "Le Roi Soleil" co-star Christophe Mae became a bigger star?