Sunday, October 11, 2009

Idol 2009: Friday Finals Week 1 09.10.09

So here's where the hunt for Sweden's Idol 2009 gets serious. Friday's theme was "Club Idol" and here's how it went...

Nicklas: "Get The Party Started": white shirt? bowtie? Not really a look you'd associate with the young rocker, but this worked for me and I think he's good for a few weeks yet.

Rabih: "When Love Takes Over": I can't really understand why he's so popular. Ditch the baseball cap Rabih - it does you no favours. He did a decent version of this, although at times was covered by the backing vocals.

Karolina - "Just Dance": an unfortunate choice as anyone singing this would be dwarfed by the personality of its originator. Not too bad though, and she didn't deserve to go.

Erika - "About You Now": vocally suspect in various places, and I think she should have been bottom-two this week. I know that she can do better than this.

Calle - "Destiny Calling": another good rock vocal performance. He won't win, but I think we can be guaranteed some reasonably consistent performances over the next few weeks till he outlives his usefulness...

Reza - "Superstar": one of the best female vocals of the night, she used that little gritty quality in a positive way - I'm glad that this time "the curse of Superstar" didn't materialise.

Erik - "Leave A Light On": this managed to do the impossible: turn a Belinda Carlisle song into something which I didn't hate. He manages to combine the rock and pop worlds and I think he'll have a long run in this competition.

Camilla - "All Night Long": sorry darling, but it was pure cabaret. I can't really see her sticking around for too long.

Eddie: "Release Me": it wasn't perfect, but he has the looks and the popstar quality and once he manages to combine this with an improved vocal performance, then he could be an unstoppable contender.

Mariette: "When Tomorrow Comes": she is already outclassing every other female contestant this year, but (maybe some of my Swedish readers could answer this?) is she as popular with the Swedish public as she is with the media and the jury?

Tove - "Hot N Cold": she is very young, and I'm always very sceptical of young singers in these competitions, but she has a lot more personality and star quality than some of the others this year and I think she'll be around for a while.

Bottom two this week: Eddie (noooooo!) and Karolina: it was Karolina who went home. This (IMHO) was very wrong: Camilla should have gone this week.

Next week the theme is songs by Michael Jackson. Cha'mone!
Oh and here's another gratuitous Eddie screencap for no reason whatsoever :))))

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Jessica said...

I agree with you on most things, except that I like Camilla. She seems fun, and I loved her versions of Hallelujah and My Heart Will Go On, even if the judges hated them. I don't understand why Eddie isn't more popular. Everyone I know who watches Idol loves him!