Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Körslaget": Week 2, Saturday 10 October 2009

It all kicked off with "I Gotta Feeling" with all the choir leaders and their choirs.

Team Pontare: "Go West" - I liked the flags and the blue outfits and changing the lyrics to "Go North" was inspired and funny.

Team Rigo: "La Bamba" - lively but all over the place vocally. I just wanted this one to end. They'll need to improve or I can't see them lasting beyond next week.

Team Amy: "Fairytale" - gold lame outfits and a very lively performance. Very well done - I enjoyed it.

Team Ola: "New York New York" - the all-male line up did very well, dressed in matching outfits - and Mr Svensson was looking very nice too!

Team Andreas: "Poker Face" - started ok (choir members all wearing Calvin Harris/Kanye West shades) but it got pretty messy vocally towards the end.

Team Caroline: "800 Grader" - like Team Rigo, they are dressed in red and black. They are definitely enjoying it and as Ms af Ugglas seems to be flavour of the month they will probably stay in for a few weeks.

Team Stefan: "Inget Stoppar Oss Nu" - are you sure this isn't Dansbandskampen? :)))

Result: Team Andreas go home, but it really should have been Team Rigo, who stay in by the skins of their collective teeth for one more week.

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