Saturday, March 06, 2010

Andra Chansen tonight...

In just under two hours Andra Chansen will get underway in Örebrö, which means it's duel time! I've never been a fan of the duels but I have to admit they may bring some much-needed excitement to this year's proceedings.

Duel 1: Pain of Salvation vs Pernilla Wahlgren: I'm still cheering for PoS over Pernilla, although being first on is not really an appropriate place or time for them and would have preferred them nearer the end. Anyway this song had initially grown on me and I had hoped it would go further but it has gone a little stale now. Also with the number of ballads/midtempo songs in the final, tonight will provide a perfect opportunity to send some more uptempo numbers to Globen. Which may bode well for Pernilla.

Duel 2: Pauline vs Crucified Barbara: Since the songs/videos were officially made available for watching on SVT's website over the past week, Pauline's song has rather grown on me and if she performs it with the same cheeky charm she showed in her heat then this looks very good for her indeed. She is also the highest-placed of the Andra Chansen entrants in the iTunes singles chart this week.

Duel 3: Kalle Moraeus vs Neo: Talk about chalk and cheese! This is one of the easiest duels to predict - I think Neo will sail through.

Duel 4: Jessica Andersson vs Alcazar: a duel which takes you back to the good old Melodifestivalen days....and although "Headlines" is not the best song they've ever done I would really love them to qualify, whilst Jessica's ballad may be just a little too old-fashioned.

So I'd predict Pernilla and Pauline to compete against each other in the next round; with Neo against Alcazar.

And beyond that ....well I really haven't a clue although I'd be very happy with Pauline and Alcazar in the final. I'm sitting on the fence :)))

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