Monday, March 08, 2010

A gratuitous post about Daniel Diges / David Bisbal waves the flag

Say what you like about this year's Eurovision songs chosen so far (and I haven't heard all of them so I'll reserve my judgement till I do) but at least we're guaranteed some eye candy with all those male singers on show :)

Anyway the other week, Spain chose its entry "Algo Pequenito" which is very different for them - it sounds more like a very old-fashioned French-style carousel soundtrack than the usual Latin-flavoured Spanish entries. Regular readers will know about my particular weakness for curly-haired men so Mr Diges definitely ticks the boxes, in a David Bisbal-meets-Salem Al Fakir kind of way :))

Here is a clip from Spanish TV of Daniel recording his ESC entry...

Talking of Mr Bisbal, he's got together with K'Naan to record a Spanish version of this year's World
Cup anthem "Waving Flag"


Rachel said...

What do you think of Algo Pequenito? I'm still not sure.It certainly appeals to my love of drama and Mediterranean kitsch,but I can't quite tell whether it's good or not yet.

As for eye candy,Harel's still the one for me :) Think he just about has the edge over Didrik.

EuropeCrazy said...

I'm not too thrilled about the song at the moment but I haven't really heard it that much so it may yet grow on me.

Oh yes Harel! How could I forget about him???

By the way have you had a listen to MZW's "View To A Kill" yet? It's been my main (non-Salem-related) obsession this week!

Rachel said...

I've just had a look,I love the Hope and Glory style camera push :) And yes I think he should release it as a single,it would make a great edition of our Covers feature on Sounds of Europe.