Saturday, March 13, 2010

Melodifestivalen: 30 minutes gone and....

Sly Stallone!

Dolph singing!

Contestants in boxing-dressing-gowns (Salem got one of the biggest cheers when introduced but he looked uncomfortable!)

Darin in white - I like this song better when I watch him singing it. I got that very Johnny Logan vibe from him tonight!

Pernilla - toilet break :)

Andreas - "you cover me in peas". Not his best, but he did well enough I suppose. Why do some acts get the full audience participation lights treatment?

Timoteij - aah, faithful travelling companion's favourites, for non-musical reasons. Such a catchy song though. If it was between them and Anna, I'd rather they won.

Peter - oh they've given it the big X Factor winner choir treatment. Will it be enough?

Back in 30 mins.

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