Monday, March 08, 2010

Never mind Andra's Mååååååååååååns....

In retrospect the best thing about Andra Chansen on Saturday night was probably Måns Zelmerlow's version of "A View To A Kill" which I have grown to obsessively love since Saturday night. Whilst I've always liked the Duran Duran original, I thought Måns did it some subtle justice. If you haven't seen it, here's the clip...

...which also features the Andra Chansen contestants hamming it up in a duelling-style. By the way I never really thought about him before, but isn't that Daniel from Pain of Salvation quite nice in a kind of rougher-version-of-Ola-Salo-with-a-beard kind of way?

I think my hormones are maybe a little out of control tonight :O

Anyway I would love Måns to release "A View To A Kill" as a single - I'm sure it would do very well.

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