Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1989

I don't think my nerves are strong enough at the moment to watch "Your Country Needs You" yet, but I've seen the winning song, the inappropriately-named "That Sounds Good To Me" written (or should that be phoned-in) by Stock and Waterman, which sounds like an old cast-off track which wasn't good enough to make it to a Jason Donovan or Steps album.

No offence to young Josh: he's a good enough singer and deserves better, but this system of throwing young unknown singers to the lions isn't really good enough any more. Unfortunately Royaume-Uni will end up in the bottom half of the table in Oslo, and poor Josh will carry the can for our failure, and most likely never be heard of again. So I feel truly sorry for this young man.


Rachel said...

Haha,that's a much more appropriate title!

See,I like the idea of unknown singers competing.Which is why I like Didrik (yeah,like that's the ONLY reason),and I think that's why the juries voted for him too.But,I do think lately it's turned into the Eurovision Popularity Contest (Dima Bilan I'm looking at you),and so it should be all or nothing really.Jade had an amazing voice,but how often do you really find amateur singers like her? We can't hope to do that every year.That said though,I'm seriously thinking of applying next year,so I hope they don't change the rules just yet :)

Rachel said...

By the way,I hate that Anna Bergendahl song.